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One of the founders of XeniPOS™ being a Chef said "POS" it can be done better.

The driving force behind XeniPOS™, AiChef™ and AiWaiter™ was from an Operational and floor staff Point of view rather than just processing a sale and printing a receipt as is the case with many "POS Systems" that are front of house to back of house XeniPOS™ is back of house to front of house, which is much more logical for Hospitality rather than a retail POS Mindset.

From real world experience within the hospitality industry it was clear that Most "POS Systems" simply where not designed by people who actually had to work with them, nor where they designed by people who have ever had to do a shift in a real busy kitchen, Restaurant, Cafe or Bar.

Hospitality is a completly different environment to normal Retail which is why most "POS Systems" just cant deal well with the unique issues faced by hospitality and food service industry.

Chefs and kitchen staff need more than just a docket with list of things ordered and Front Of House and Wait Staff need information as to what is happening in the kitchen in relation to orders in.

Most "POS" systems don't deal with modern real world issues very well and have no inteligence for example things like alergies and Modern Day Diets and lifestyles. With AiChef™ No running to the kitchen to see if a certain dish contains an ingreedient that may be an issue for a patron.

Most venues spend hours a day wasted in the back and forth to and from the kitchen with questions from wait staff to kitchen staff. AiChef almost eliminates this.

Whats New! from XeniPOS™

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June, 2017

AiChef™ &Allergy Alerts

Check out the New AiChef™ with world first features for the Food Service Industry.

Allergy Alerts & Dietary Choices - Currently an exclusive feature only to XeniPOS™..

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August, 2017

XeniPOS™ & LRS Paging

XeniPOS™ & AiChef™ now Integrate with LRS Staff and Guest Pagers.

No more having to key in manual messages on a single small transmitter device keypad.